Tomorrow’s Too Late: Clean Your Plate

Whether you’re just starting to build your business or are well underway, you’re going to have a seemingly insurmountable number of tasks in front of you. This shouldn’t come as news, but having a full plate presents some unique challenges that you need to handle to make your company a success. Allocating your attention properly isn’t optional. As a matter of fact, it’s the most important job you have.

You probably remember this from school, but it’s no different in the real world: the hardest tasks are gonna be the most tempting to put off. Back-loading your schedule might seem at first to be a great way to tackle the tasks at hand, but really all it does is ensure the most important work doesn’t get the attention it deserves. That means missed deadlines, broken promises, and other little failures that combine with enough weight to sink a growing business, even if your business plan is airtight.

Trust me. Label all your tasks by priority, and tackle the big ones first. If they’re separated into A’s, B’s and C’s, you want to take care of the A’s and B’s before you even think about the C’s. This way, you’re taking care of the heart of the work, the stuff that’s truly important.

A good reputation is paramount to successfully growing your business. You know where good reputations come from? From living up to expectations, from delivering on promises and making good on your word every single time. If your own house isn’t in order, that’s going to show big time. Do the hard work first, and do it right. From there, everything else will fall into place.

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