Put on your big boy pants and get moving

Put on your big boy pants and get moving.

Step 1: Stop being afraid to pick up the phone. CALL PEOPLE. Start with your own contacts. Don’t have any?? Call and ask somebody. Establish a network if you don’t have a network.

Step 2: Do research. Know who the big players are of what you want. Find out where these leaders go.

Step 3: Show up. Once you know where the big fish are, GO THERE. When you meet with them, prove you know who they are, what they do, and give them something that adds value.

Step 4: Get ready to be a slave. Do whatever it takes to prove to the big boys that not only do you know what they do and know what they want, but that you can make things happen. Prove that you deserve to be on their playing field by adding value to their cause, being the problem solver, and giving 110% every fucking day.

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