Focus on What Matters, Trash the Rest

When you’re running a business, especially in the early stages, you’re going to have a thousand different things demanding your attention at every waking moment. It’s only natural that you’re going to be extremely busy at such a time, but getting overwhelmed by it all is an easy trap for the early-stage entrepreneur. Losing focus among this sea of distractions can sink your business before it’s even established.

Never lose sight of your most crucial task: building a viable business.  That means filtering out all the noise, the unfounded worries, the extraneous information that only slows you down. Your job is to create and execute, not put out minor fires every day. Consider delegating the decisions that your trusted lieutenants are capable of making. This way you can follow your vision without forgetting the primary needs of your business, and meeting those needs instead of tripping over smaller issues.

You might also find yourself thinking way too far ahead of the path you’re on. It’s great having high aspirations, but losing sight of the proper course is a sure way to stall your business. You become an entrepreneur because you have a vision, but making that vision happen means putting your nose to the grindstone and keeping your head out of the clouds. There’s too much to be done here to let your mind to get lost up there.

Now, sharpening your focus doesn’t mean ignoring everything that isn’t a part of your money-making plan. On the contrary, having a well rounded and healthy life in the moments you’re not hard at work are the key to maintaining focus. Spending some time with family and close friends will remind you where all that hard work is going to end up: in creating more opportunities to enjoy yourself with the people you care about.

Taking care of your business starts with taking care of yourself. Working yourself ragged every night can be tempting in order to accomplish all that needs to be done, but getting a good night’s sleep has been proven time and time again to be an important part of staying mentally focused. So filter out the little things, stay sharp with rest and recharge when you need it—and you’ll be putting yourself on the path to making those big dreams come true.

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