Don’t Go Into Battle Without This One Thing


If you’re familiar at all with my style, you know I like an aggressive, take-no-prisoners approach. Being unafraid to take big leaps has been an important part of my success. Don’t let that fool you, though. This mode of operation has been great for me, without a doubt, but I’ve never achieved anything without first formulating a plan. Without a plan, you’re not being bold. You’re jumping without a parachute.

There’s an art to making a plan. Put down on paper everything you want to accomplish in the given time frame, whether it’s a day or a decade. From there, take an objective look at what might work and what won’t. Share it with a trusted mentor or colleague and get their thoughts. Then use it as your weapon to take on all challenges.

Negotiations are compared to battles all the time and for good reason. There’s a back-and-forth, and one side’s goals might be very different from the other’s. But whether it’s on the battlefield or the boardroom, having a strategy is key. The plan you make should map out every possibility, every potential obstacle…and how you’re going to handle each. It’s all about being prepared.

You constantly hear about the importance of time management, and there’s a reason for that. A disorganized schedule is an express train to failure. Don’t just plan out your work meetings, plan out your daily life as well. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and knowing exactly what you’re going to accomplish that day. It gives you a feeling of power. And with a strong plan in hand, you’re ready to conquer, to fight, and most importantly, to win.

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