Humble Beginnings, Bold Future

Making it in business is no easy task. It takes all kinds of people, but some just seem to be more suited to the rough-and-tumble than others. Anyone starting out looking to grab onto success ought to know that things would be tough, especially if you grew up like I did.

Growing up in the Bronx, we had to earn everything that came our way. Successful, big-time businessmen, to me, might as well have been Martians. There certainly weren’t any on our block. Once I set out to make my name, I’ll admit it was a little intimidating at first to see these men with fancy offices and expensive suits. But looking back, I can see that I had an advantage that no amount of money can buy.

Sure, I wasn’t born into riches. But that’s exactly what made me so hungry. I knew I’d try harder than the next guy if he was coming from a background of relative comfort and ease. He didn’t know the hardships I did, the things that seemed unlivable at the time but made me tougher as an adult. I know that I can weather anything the business world throws at me thanks to the education I got on the streets of NYC’s toughest borough.

When you grow up having to fight for everything, it makes taking the extra steps second nature. The prospect of having to work harder to achieve my goals sounds like business as usual for me, rather than a challenge. So if you’re thinking “I can’t get to that upper level, I’m not one of those people,” you’re only half right. You can make it to that upper level, and it might just be because you’re not one of them.

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