Building Something Great? This is What You Need

I talk a lot about building a legacy because it’s an intrinsic part of what I do in business. I don’t use the word “building” by accident. Every day you come into work is like a brick, what you build is up to you. It can be something great, it can be something less than great. But just as in creating a structure, your legacy’s greatness will depend largely on the foundation it’s built upon.

Ther’s more than one kind of foundation. In construction, there are deep foundations and shallow ones. A shallow foundation is quicker and simpler to build. The deep ones are more complicated and take a lot more work. But if you’re looking to build sky high, a deep foundation is a must.

Your life’s foundation, unlike that of a building, should be made up of a variety of materials. Family is a vital one. I know from experience that having your family to come home to every night is a constant reminder of what really matters, and what drives me to top whatever I accomplished last. They don’t all take the same form, but families are a vital component of every success story I know, especially my own.

Another component is your principles. They aren’t the same for everyone and come from a variety of sources, but in general, they refer to the way you carry yourself when nobody is watching. Anyone can fake their virtues, but the real test comes when doing the right thing isn’t the same as doing what’s easy.

Building a legacy isn’t something you set out to do one day. What we call a legacy is the culmination of all your life’s work. It’s about the attitude you bring to your everyday. That’s not something you can fake.

Not all legacies are created equal. To create one that you can be proud of takes care, starting with an unshakeable foundation.

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