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Core values for leading a business

Core values for leading a business:

Constant Growth. Know what you can accomplish, and set out to do it, and more. Don’t stop, even when you’ve done it.

Mindful Action. What are your passions, your beliefs? Who are you and who do you want to become? Start defining your message NOW. Find that passion NOW. Figure out what you can lay claim to today. Own it.

Giving. When you reach the top, remember who was there all along. Remember your values, and give back to the community that helped you succed

Compassion. Respect others along the journey. Always leave a room full of people happier when you leave than they were when you came in.

Prioritizing Your Well-Being. You have to be your own CEO. How do you do that? You put your plan together, make it solid, and you follow it to the letter. Hold yourself accountable.

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