Attract the Right Talent and Keep It

OK, so you and your small team have gotten your business plan off the ground and it’s time to expand. Congratulations! Now what? You’re about to enter the most exciting, pivotal, and potentially terrifying stage of the entrepreneurial process: building your organization. This task is much more than just making your current crew larger, it means turning your great business plan into a living, breathing company. It’s not the kind of job that anyone can do alone. It takes a great team to make a thriving business.

Most entrepreneurs like to put together a combination of experienced industry veterans hungry for a new challenge, and young talents eager to learn and create new paths. Your particular path is all yours, so don’t feel too much pressure to emulate what others have done before you. That being said, knowing that you’ve got much to learn will be a helpful attitude as you gather your team. You can’t be everywhere at once, but with a capable, knowledgeable, and eager staff running things, you’ll be as close as you can get.

Whether they’re older or brand-new, your team will almost certainly respond well when given a good amount of self-sufficiency. Research has proven that employees with a strong sense of autonomy in their job are happier, more engaged, and more productive. As an entrepreneur, you’re used to bending things to your liking, but when dealing with the human element it’s never that simple.  

Keeping a team together requires a delicate touch sometimes. Instead, when your employees feel individually valued and listened to, they’re more likely to buy in to your vision and do their best to help you execute it. A well-run team project should leave everyone, from top to bottom, feeling a personal stake in the results. When you’re number one, you can’t always please everyone, but you can keep them motivated and involved. As your company grows, that may well be the most important task you’ve got.

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